The Wrist Guardians

Carry your pepper spray on the go!

The easiest way to carry your pepper spray, phone and necessities as you run, travel, or walk with your dog in the park. 

Wear them on your wrist or keep The Wrist Guardians in your pocket, backpack + purse.  A cool way to improve your health and safety.

They're your little helper.




I created Wrist Guardians because

I wasn't feeling as safe as I should out running. I read the news, and the events of women and girls being attacked and abducted inspired The Wrist Guardians. We need protection with us. They're made with my favorite women in mind, and I hope you love them too. May they give you that added security + ease as you go about your workouts, and adventures, in this awesome world. Enjoy. ~ Susan xo

Choose yours.